The Top 5 largest super yachts in the world



Name: Azzam

Size: 180 Meters

Cost: £400M

Made by: Lurssen

Owner: Sheikh Khalifa

Year: 2013


Name: Eclipse

Size: 162.50 Meters

Cost: £267 Million

Made by: Blohm & Voss

Owner: Roman Abramovich

Year: 2010


Name: Dubai

Size: 162 Meters

Cost: £177 Million

Made by: Platinum Yachts

Owner: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

Year: 2006


Name: Al Said

Size: 155 Meters

Cost: £64 Million

Made by: Lurssen

Owner: Saltan Qaboos

Year: 2008


Name: Topaz

Size: 147.25 Meters

Cost: £316 Million

Made by: Lurssen

Owner: Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyam

 Year: 2012

Azzam – The worlds largest superyacht tops £400 million

 Azzam worlds largest superyacht
 Super yacht Azzam is recognisably the new worlds largest super yacht after easily snatching the tittle away from the now 2nd largest super yacht Eclipse.

Measuring in at an eye watering 180 meters or 590.55 feet Azzam is a floating town capable of traveling the worlds oceans at a whopping 31.5 knots thanks to the two gas turbine / diesel motors putting out a goliath 94,000 horse power combined.

Azzam is rumoured to feature a bullet proof master suite and a missile defence system among the obligatory jet ski facilities and fwd helicopter pad.

 But who can afford such a vessel that requires a missile defence system you may be thinking, well the simple answer is nobody knows. How ether it has been rumoured that Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates could be connected to the purchase of the £400 million pound super yacht. With an estimated net worth of $15 billion USD or £10 billion GBP a mere $400 million is literally a drop in the ocean for an Arab president.

Kitefoiling? Water Sports Will Never Be The Same Again

You may of heard of kitesurfing—which is hard to say the least, but have you ever heard of Kitefoiling?
Kitefoiling is the cross between kitesurfing, wakeboarding, hoverboarding and flying, by combining a large slightly curved tray and some clever carbon fibre fins in the form of a hydrofoil you make one of the coolest toys the water has ever seen.

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