Ferrari who? A Lamborghini what!


That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, every teenage boy the world over will now be replacing their current wall collection of dream hyper cars consisting of bright red ferries and yellow Lamborghini’s for this utterly savage carbon fibre dressed animal.

Limited to ten bespoke cars and  priced at a tangy £2m a  go, the all new Apollo IE is a track purpose, road-illegal hypercar that’s here to catapult Apollo into the boutique exotic car scene for wealthy billionaires.

Thanks to the Apollos extensive use of our favourite material, CARBON FIBRE the IE boasts a very impressive 1250Kg curb weigh with an additional 1350Kg of down force at 186 MP

H simple to prevent the IE from flying. Its motive energy comes deep from within the middle of the car and is delivered by a 6.3 liter V12 with a 6 speed gearbox knocking out a punchy 769 BHP and Unlike most most modern day

hypercars the IE dose not benefit from any electro hybrid boost.

Despite its lack of Duracell boost the IE is more than capable of delivering 560 fb lb of torque at its 9,000rpm redline thus securing a mediocre            0-62mph in 2.7 seconds, and a top speed of 208mph. Healthy, but not punch you in the face, steal your breath and kick you in the balls outrageous our twisted times you would expected for its banshee appearance.

Pre Launch Glimpse – Apollo Intensa Emozione

Apollo Intensa Emozione Teaser

With two days to go until the full reveal of the new Apollo Intensa Emozione we spotted this little teaser video popped up on the official Apollo  company’s Facebook page along with this photo that can only be descried as the best looking carbon fibre chaise we have ever seen.

Stand by for the full launch of the Apollo Intensa Emozione on the 24/10



Carbon fibre dress inspired by BMW i8

A well known german car manufacturer infamous for making the infamies M3 and Iconic James Bond style Z8, now a dress to add to their collection?
Thats right German car maker BMW has hired not one but two top designers to fashion up a stunning carbon fibre dress useing the same materials used in it’s hybrid supercar the I8.


The masterpiece of automotive engineering and fashion was made by German twins Daniela and Annette Felder, of the London based design duo Felder Felder.

The metallic grey skater dress took well over 100 hours to make and is 97% carbon fibre.





The fully sustainable material, not yet available to the fashion industry in large quantities, was created at the same place that produces the carbon fibre for BMW’s ground-breaking electric Hybrid BMW i cars.

The Journey Of Carbon Fibre Within Lamborghini

From day one Lamborghini knew that if they were going to make some of the finest cars the world had ever see they would require the best materials the planet has to offer, and it didn’t take them long to know that CARBON FIBRE was undoubtedly the super material for the job.

From watching this video its evident to see that the unique properties and processing requirements of the carbon fibres have played a big part in the design process of all composite Lamborghinis resulting the automotive art we always see rolling out of the doors of the Lamborghini factory.

  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM

Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM



Pagani just can’t let it die when it comes to their famed Zonda. Their Huayra has been around for a while now however some extremely rich customers remain besotted with the Zonda, and are prepared to spend extortionate sums of money for one-off variants of its signature supercar.

 Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM

The latest creation is dubbed the 750 LM, bought by a diehard fan of the marque who already boasts a Zonda R and Cinque Roadster in his collection. We have a video of the latest limited-edition Zonda’s unveiling courtesy of davide458italia.

 Powered by a 7.3-liter AMG-built V12 rated at 750 hp (760 PS) the Zonda LM sports an exposed carbon-fibre body work, a roof-mounted air scoop, massive rear wing and beefy diffuser.

Zonda LM carbon fibre


Photography: John Wycherley