Razik’s exhibits the future of Carbon Fibre truss frames

 Another appearance of the Truss carbon fibre bike frame is being represented here but this time not by Delta7 but by Razik instead.

The truss frames uses carbon fibres that are hand laid in a unique diamond formation to reduce weight increase strength and minimise vibration for a more effortless and comfortable ride over conventional carbon fibre tube frames.

However the truss frame has come up against some serious scrutiny over the past few years its been around, with claims of the frame holding mud, and dirt between the sections, rendering the weight saving exercise useless.

Whether the accusations are indeed true or not, it is always good to see that new materials and processes are being applied to further improving the riding experience, for those individuals looking to get around under their own power.

 We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on the Truss carbon fibre bike frame, and whether it has a place in the future of bikes?