Kitefoiling? Water Sports Will Never Be The Same Again

You may of heard of kitesurfing—which is hard to say the least, but have you ever heard of Kitefoiling?
Kitefoiling is the cross between kitesurfing, wakeboarding, hoverboarding and flying, by combining a large slightly curved tray and some clever carbon fibre fins in the form of a hydrofoil you make one of the coolest toys the water has ever seen.

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Inside The Carbon Fibre Wheels Of A Koenigsegg

Currently Koenigsegg are the only production car manufacturer making carbon fibre wheels for their ultra light super fast hyper cars of which their ONE:1 is the most powerful production car ever launched.

 In the video Koenigseggs founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg shows how these incredible wheels are made from start to finish and explains the weight saving advantages to be had through using the lightest and strongest commercially viable materials on the market.

LORIBLU Black Carbon Fiber and Leather shoes

If you’re searching for a pair of shoes that make you feel sophisticated, look handsome and walk with some swag in your step then look no further. The Loriblu (a part of Loriblu Elegance Line) is the ultimate in shoe and footwear styling for any special occasion. Featuring black carbon fiber and patent leather detailing. Made in Italy and sold by Loriblu for a very respectable £400 these are the shoes of dreams.

We truly love these shoes as well as the brand due to their microscopic attention to detail and pursuit of perfection. Just by glancing at Loriblus black carbon fibre shoes it is clear to see that Loriblu don’t just craft shoes, they make masterpiece’s.