Cutting Edge Carbon Features in EVO Magazine!

Its not often we are contacted by a magazine to check out our products, never mind THE car bible.. EVO Magazine.

We gladly obliged and they loved our Carbon fibre lifestyle products so much that they put a dedicated carbon fibre feature and included some of our Carbon fibre gear!

If you haven’t already, and you love performance cars as much as we do, then make sure you grab your monthly copy! (you wont regret it)

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The Journey Of Carbon Fibre Within Lamborghini

From day one Lamborghini knew that if they were going to make some of the finest cars the world had ever see they would require the best materials the planet has to offer, and it didn’t take them long to know that CARBON FIBRE was undoubtedly the super material for the job.

From watching this video its evident to see that the unique properties and processing requirements of the carbon fibres have played a big part in the design process of all composite Lamborghinis resulting the automotive art we always see rolling out of the doors of the Lamborghini factory.

  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM
  • Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM

Welcome to Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM



Pagani just can’t let it die when it comes to their famed Zonda. Their Huayra has been around for a while now however some extremely rich customers remain besotted with the Zonda, and are prepared to spend extortionate sums of money for one-off variants of its signature supercar.

 Pagani’s £3.5m, 700bhp Zonda LM

The latest creation is dubbed the 750 LM, bought by a diehard fan of the marque who already boasts a Zonda R and Cinque Roadster in his collection. We have a video of the latest limited-edition Zonda’s unveiling courtesy of davide458italia.

 Powered by a 7.3-liter AMG-built V12 rated at 750 hp (760 PS) the Zonda LM sports an exposed carbon-fibre body work, a roof-mounted air scoop, massive rear wing and beefy diffuser.

Zonda LM carbon fibre


Photography: John Wycherley

Bradley Wiggins’ gets custom carbon fibre shoes

Bradley Wiggins’ new custom carbon fibre shoes

Sir Bradley Wiggins has been back in action again at the European Championships this week, but this time it’s his shoes that have been getting all the attention!

Over His racing career Wiggo has changed his style of shoe on many occasions, Nothing really unusual about that. Most professional cyclists change shoes throughout their careers, either for sponsorship reasons or fitting issues. Bradley used to ride Bont’s carbon mouldable shoes, then more recently switched to Giro’s Empire lace-up shoe – he wore a gold pair for his successful Hour Record attempt.

While the Bont and Giro shoes are off-the-shelf products, that you or I can buy from any decent bike shop, his current race shoes are anything but. Ill admit to not knowing the full story about the shoes, however we have managed to find a short video with some very interesting developments as to how the shoes came to be.

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