Bradley Wiggins’ gets custom carbon fibre shoes

Bradley Wiggins’ new custom carbon fibre shoes

Sir Bradley Wiggins has been back in action again at the European Championships this week, but this time it’s his shoes that have been getting all the attention!

Over His racing career Wiggo has changed his style of shoe on many occasions, Nothing really unusual about that. Most professional cyclists change shoes throughout their careers, either for sponsorship reasons or fitting issues. Bradley used to ride Bont’s carbon mouldable shoes, then more recently switched to Giro’s Empire lace-up shoe – he wore a gold pair for his successful Hour Record attempt.

While the Bont and Giro shoes are off-the-shelf products, that you or I can buy from any decent bike shop, his current race shoes are anything but. Ill admit to not knowing the full story about the shoes, however we have managed to find a short video with some very interesting developments as to how the shoes came to be.

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