Carbon fibre ( or if your American its spelt Carbon fiber ) also know as graphite fibre, carbon graphite or just CF, is a material consisting of extremely thin fibres. When these fibres are interwoven to form a cloth and then combined with polymers such as epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester and nylon, which forms a flexible sheet of material. Carbon Fibre is available in a variety of weaves, thicknesses and colours, and can be adapted to a number of uses. The most common weave being the 2×2 twill that is infamous the world over for its stunning esthetics, to a single plain weave that is less common but just as stunning.
When combined with a polymer the proprieties of Carbon fibre cloth changes dramatically, if introduced to epoxy resin the structure of the once flexible cloth now becomes ridged with a exceptional strength to weight ratio. However when introduced to vinyl ( laminated ) the carbon fibre cloth remains flexible yet extremely strong in tension.
Carbon fibre is used in a wide range of applications ranging from space shuttles – aerospace, boats – marine, formula one –  automotive, & prosthetics – medical, all utilising the outstanding qualities that Carbon fibre possess, apllying it in a variety of different states depending on the use.

Carbon Fibre champagne bucket


Carbon fibre is rapidly becoming the most luxurious, robust material used in the development of high quality, ultra light items. Finding it’s way into the homes, super yachts and private jets of celebrities & the elite, carbon fibre makes a strong statement of exclusivity.

The applications of carbon fibre have become more and more widespread in recent years, it’s performance enhancing capabilities have made it an essential component in the most expensive and prestigious sports in the world. Its use in Formula 1 cars and racing yachts is a  testament to its worth.

The key aspect of carbon fibre that gives it the edge over all other materials, is its incredible strength to weight ratio, it has been found to be up to 5 times stronger than steel, whilst only being 1/10th the weight.


  1. Carbon is a chemical element with the symbol C and a atomic number of 6.
  2. The word “Carbon” comes from the Latin word CARBO, meaning coal.
  3. There are several allotropes (different forms) of carbon, The three most common being amorphous carbon (coal, soot etc), Diamond and graphite.
  4. Graphite is used for its thermal insulation properties. It is also a exceptional conductor of electricity.
  5. Carbon is the 4th most common element in the universe.
  6. Carbon fiber is a strong material that consists of thin fibres constructed predominately of carbon atoms which are bonded together in microscopic crystals. The majority of applications for carbon fibres are projects that require high strength and low weight is required such as formula one cars and yachts.
  7. Carbon fibre comes in is woven sheets in a wide variety of weaves in order to achieve you desired effect.