About Cutting Edge Carbon

Cutting EDGE Carbon is a small company that is big about Carbon Fibre. Just as Carbon Fibre is the pinnacle of modern composite materials, the team here at CEC strive to be the best at everything we apply ourselves to.

Our young and ambitious team all like to compete in our own sports and hobbies and admire all that is at the top of it’s game. That’s why we have such a passion for Carbon Fibre, not only does this modern super material look sleek and stylish wherever it’s applied (much like ourselves *cough*), but it’s insane strength to weight ratio makes it the go-to material for ultra-high performance equipment, from Formula 1 cars to racing yachts. Whilst the performance enhancing properties of Carbon Fibre are fascinating, we feel that the elegant and exclusive aesthetic Carbon Fibre has to offer should be taken advantage of more often.

With this in mind we have searched far and wide to find the most innovative products that make use of this revolutionary material to inject an air of luxury and finesse into our every day lives. From that idea Cutting EDGE Carbon was born.

To stay up to date with the latest Cutting EDGE stock and reviews, as well as the latest in all things Carbon Fibre worldwide, check out the CEC Facebook, Twitter & Blog pages.

We’re constantly updating these pages with Cutting EDGE review and we are persistent in our mission to source the coolest Carbon Fibre solutions to upgrade your lifestyle.


A one stop shop for all things Carbon Fibre, no matter how simple, no matter how radical, we pride ourselves on providing you with only the best Carbon Fibre products. We feel it is our duty to introduce the world to the concept that Carbon Fibre doesn’t just have to belong on the race track. Whether it’s subtle pieces of jewellery, stylish yet functional bags and wallets, office and home furniture or every day accessories, we are here to help you get more Carbon Fibre in your life!

From passion to product,  we strive to offer each and every customer the same superb quality and service that established England as the luxury capital of the world.

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